Abyssinian roller

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Abyssinian Roller – Coracias abyssinicus – is a typical Roller of Type – sallyer, Family Coraciidae and the Order Coraciiformes. It is found in broad belt across the S Sahel states from the Atlantic to the Red Sea and there is even a small population in coastal SW Arabia. In the N part of the belt it is a summer breeder, and the rest it is resident and wintering for the migratory population.

Type - sallyer - 
Summer Habitat - open Sahel with fewer trees, the Nile Valley
Resident Habitat  - more wooded Tropical Africa with open areas, farmland and human settlements,

Order:	Coraciiformes
Family:	Coraciidae
Genus:	Coracias

Species -	Coracias abyssinicus
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