Acrocephalidae – Reed-warblers+

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Acrocephalidae – Reed-warblers+ or Reed-warblers and allies is a Family of largish warblers of Type – insectivore, and Order Passeriformes. Due to inconsistencies in the local naming of species, (see Card Warblers+) there arises a need for clarity (within the choice software) to have a consistent naming within each Family, therefor in Acrocephalidae, a plain warbler will be classified according to its Genus, (see the search box) and all species in the Family Acrocephalidae will classified as warbler1. See below for clarification.

Acrocephalidae - Reed-warblers+ therefor contains categories...
                                                        warbler Acrocephalus, warbler1
                                                        warbler Hippolais, warbler1
                                                        warbler Iduna, warbler1
                                                        reed-warbler, warbler1 (these are also Genus Acrocephalus)

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