Amur falcon

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The Amur falcon – Falco amurensis is a small falcon of Type diurnal-raptor, Family Falconidae and Order Falconiformes. It is strongly migratory, having one of the longest migratory journeys of all the falcons, and is a summer breeder to SE Siberia and N China. It migrates SW through SE Asia, India, the Arabian Sea, and Eastern Africa, to winter in Southern Africa. In the AWB Region there is passage movement on the Arabian Sea coast of Oman, and across Socotra and Somalia on its way along the Eastern side of Africa to winter from Zimbabwe southwards.

Type - diurnal-raptor - crepuscularly active
Habitat - within AWB Region only occurs on passage,

Order:	Falconiformes
Family:	Falconidae
Genus:	Falco

Species - Falco amurensis
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Amur falcon - Species -
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