Arctic tern

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The Arctic tern – Sterna paradisaea is a medium sized tern of Type – seabird of the family Laridae and the Order Charadriiformes. It is strongly migratory and has the longest known migration routes of any migratory bird, with annual round trip lengths of up to the range of 70,000 to 90,000 kms . It has a circumpolar breeding range around the High Arctic and migrates to the Southern Oceans around Antarctica. Its two main routes South are down the eastern sides of the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans. In the AWB Region it is found on passage offshore of the full Atlantic coast of Africa and in the Indian Ocean it is found accidently as far north as the Gulf of Oman.

Type - seabird - colonial, nests on poorly vegetated ground, close to water, 
Summer Habitat - Tundra, beaches, islands, close to water, 
Winter Habitat - pelagic Southern Oceans, 

Order:   Charadriiformes
Family:  Laridae
Genus:  Sterna

Species - Sterna paradisaea 
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