By way of some explanation as to what additional Information can be found exploring the Country Checklists, there are three major Links that give extensive additional Species Information as well as more supplementary data, these notes give that introduction to what further information may be found at each site.
Avibase – the worldwide Bird Database…
Detailed Taxonomic grid and recognising authorities, Bird names in many different languages, range maps, species and subspecies and more external links. There are also the options to choose Checklists from a large range of Taxonomic Authorities.
This is a french worldwide bird site but many pages have an English option, particularly useful are the Classification pages which give the Country Checklists in either Alphabetical or Taxonomic Order, with French bird names, many photos, geographical ranges and further links.
Detailed species information, Range Maps, References and further external links.

However the best introduction is to explore the details yourself…

For many birds, their preferred habitat is an important factor in its life and is therefore very useful in locating and identifying species. The recently added Habitats page makes understanding these important features very convenient.

In addition to its habitat, each Species Card also gives each species a Type - classification which is another way of classifying a bird, and is a particular grouping which helps to collect them together by a common particular characteristic, often related to what it is, what it eats, or how it captures its prey. I think that it is a useful feature.

eg:  Warblers are of Type- insectivore and on each Card at least one mention is linked to a detailed explanation.