Basic Skills

The basic birding skill is to identify the species of any bird that comes into view. A most useful preliminary is to know how to describe a bird, for this you can start here.

How to describe a bird –

It then goes on to explain how useful is a bird’s bill in helping to understand what a bird eats, which gives another clue to which habitat it is most likely to be found, and also it explains about a bird’s feet and legs, which further contribute more habitat and lifestyle information, to give a comprehensive overall picture of a bird and it’s habitat.

In order to progress, here are a few additional links to help you improve your skills, starting with Habitat which is a bird’s home:-

All About Birds – Habitat

Birding – Building Skills

Bird Identifier – factors to consider

An invaluable site for worldwide ornithology and personal use is eBird, find out more about it in these links below
and use it to store all your own observations as well as contributing to a worldwide birding database.
eBird Help
and also here
About eBird
their main homepage is here
eBird Home