Black-browed albatross

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The Black-browed Albatross – Thalassarche melanophris is a medium/large pelagic species of Type – seabird, Family Diomedeidae and Order Procellariiformes. It breeds on isolated islands in the Southern Oceans, and outside of the breeding season, which unusually for an albatross occurs on an annual basis, it is pelagic and roams more widely around the Southern Oceans. The AWB Region is a long way from its normal range but it has been recorded as Accidental in Morocco.

Type - seabird - grassy slopes, sometimes cliffs, nests on the ground in noisy colonies, 
Breeding Habitat - slopes, sometimes cliffs on isolated islands in the Sothern Oceans, 
Winter Habitat - pelagic in the Southern Oceans,

Order:	Procellariiformes
Family:	Diomedeidae
Genus:	Thalassarche

Species -	Thalassarche melanophris
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Black-browed Albatross - Species -
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