Black stork

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The Black stork – Ciconia nigra is a very large migratory species of Type – wadingbird of the Stork family Ciconiidae and of the Order Ciconiiformes. It is a summer breeder right across extensive areas of Temperate Eurasia and migrates S to tropical areas of S and SE Asia and Africa. In the AWB Region it is a summer breeder in Turkey, the South Caucasus and Iran. On Passage it follows two main routes into Africa, the western Atlantic Coastal Flyway and the eastern Levant/Red Sea Flyway which forks at Djibouti with the main flight taking the Red Sea route and the southern Iranian population flying through Yemen – Oman – UAE – Arabian Gulf route. The main wintering area lies right across the Sahel Region from W Coast Mauritania to the Red Sea Coast of NE Sudan to Djibouti and East Africa but mostly missing Somalia. There is a separate resident population in Southern Africa which expands a bit further outside of the breeding season.

Type - wadingbird - builds nest in large established trees,
Summer Habitat - large marshy wetlands with nearby woodlands,
Winter Habitat - coastal Mauritania and wetlands in the S more wooded Sahel Belt, 

Order:   Ciconiiformes
Family:  Ciconiidae
Genus:  Ciconia

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