Brant goose

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The Brant goose – Branta bernicla, is a small, Holarctic, migratory goose of Type – waterbird, Family Anatidae and Order Anseriformes. It migrates S to coastal areas of, the Yellow Sea and Sea of Japan, W Europe, and USA. The AWB Region is S of their normal range but has been recorded as Accidental in Morocco.

Type - waterbird - 
Breeding Habitat - low lying wet coastal tundra, 
Winter Habitat - coastal temperate waters, tidal estuaries, nearby farmland, 

Order:	Anseriformes
Family:	Anatidae
Genus:	Branta

Species - Branta bernicla
 Brant goose - Species -
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 Brant goose - Species -
 Brant goose - Card -
 Brant goose - Sounds & Maps -

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