Bulwer’s petrel

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The Bulwer’s Petrel – Bulweria bulwerii – is a small Tropical Petrel of Type – seabird, Family Procellariidae and Order Procellariiformes. It is found in all the Tropical Oceans, but one population closest to the AWB Region breeds in the Canary Islands offshore from Morocco and Western Sahara. In the winter it is pelagic and disperses more widely in the E Atlantic W of Iberia and NW Africa, and is recorded as Accidental in Morocco.

Type - seabird - colonies in the Macaronesia islands, nests in sheltered crevices, caves, driftwood, vegetation, etc
Summer Habitat - the Macaronesia islands, 
Winter Habitat - pelagic warmer Atlantic, 

Order:	Procellariiformes
Family:	Procellariidae
Genus:	Bulweria

Species -	Bulweria bulwerii 
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