Cape gannet

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The Cape Gannet – Morus capensis – is a large African marine species of Type – seabird. Family Sulidae and Order Suliformes. It breeds on a few islands off Namibia and South Africa, outside the breeding season it is strictly coastal, not venturing too far offshore, and is found on the coasts of southern Africa from Togo to Kenya. In the AWB Region it is recorded as Accidental in Morocco.

Type - seabird - colonial, 
Breeding Habitat - a few isolated islands off southern Africa,
Winter Habitat - coastal waters around southern Africa, 

Order:	Suliformes
Family:	Sulidae
Genus:	Morus

Species -	Morus capensis
Cape Gannet - Species -
Cape Gannet - Species sheet -
Cape Gannet - Species -
Cape Gannet - Species -
Cape Gannet - Sounds & Maps -

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