Cattle egret

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The Cattle egret – Bubulcus ibis is a small cosmopolitan species of the heron wading-birds Family Ardeidae and of the Order Pelecaniformes. It is widely and commonly distributed around the warmer parts of the world. In the AWB Region it is found as a summer breeder in the South Caucasus, S Levant, Egypt, coastal Maghreb and Western Sahara states. It is resident in parts of Turkey, S Caspian Sea coast, the coastal areas around the head of the Arabian Gulf, S Levant, the coastal Maghreb states and Western Sahara, E Egypt, and coastal SW Yemen. It is resident across all of s s Africa, S from the southern end of the Sahel states.

Type - wading-bird - colonial breeder,
Summer Habitat - wetlands with adjacent nesting trees, nests on a platform of sticks, 
Resident Habitat - open grassland, less water dependent than typical herons, often around grazing animals, 

Order:   Pelecaniformes
Family:  Ardeidae
Genus:  Bubulcus

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