Collared Kingfisher

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The Collared Kingfisher – Todiramphus chloris – is Tree Kingfisher, of Type sallyer, Family Alcedinidae and Order Coraciiformes, that is widely present across Asia and in to NE Africa. Its main range is across SE Asia, the Islands of Indonesia, and the Northern coasts of Australia. However in the AWB Region it is found along the southern coasts of the Red Sea and also at one isolated mangrove forest on the UAE/Oman coastline of the Gulf of Oman at Khor Kalba.

Type - sallyer - 
Resident Habitat - typically mangroves, but also farmland, open woodlands and parks, 

Order........... Coraciiformes
Family......... Alcedinidae
Genus.......... Todiramphus
Species -  Todiramphus chloris
Collared kingfisher - Species -
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Collared kingfisher - Blog - bou,
Collared kingfisher - Sounds & Maps -

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