Common cuckoo

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The Common cuckoo РCuculus canorus is a migratory species of of Type Рcuckoidal, the family Cuculidae and the Order Cuculiformes. It is most famous around the world for laying its eggs in other birds nests. It is extensively present across Eurasia and is a long distance migrant mainly to sub-Saharan Africa, but Far Eastern birds winter in a few areas of SE Asia. In the AWB Region it is a summer breeder across the N Maghreb states, Cyprus, Turkey, S Caucasus, NW and N Iran, Palestine, N UAE and N Oman. There are wintering grounds in in only two of the Sahel states, S Chad and S Sudan. There are three main areas where passage is noticeable, The N Maghreb states. coastal Egypt and The Levant, and The Horn of Africa, Yemen, Oman and N UAE route.

Type - cuckoidal - brood parasite - 
Summer Habitat - open countryside, farmland with hedges, woodland margins near marshes, 
Winter Habitat - s s Africa excluding arid areas,

Order:  Cuculiformes
Family: Cuculidae
Genus:  Cuculus

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