Coraciidae – Rollers+

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The Coraciidae – Rollers+ is a Family of medium/large non-passerines of the Order Coraciiformes. They are native to the warmer parts of the Old World. The Coracias Rollers are of Type – sallyer, as defined below.

Type - sallyer - 
 ie they are typically seen on a prominent perch surveying the ground in front of them for potential prey, before sallying forth and catching their prey on the ground, and returning to their perch, hence the Type - sallyer. They are generally brightly coloured and solitary, about the size of crows, and nest colonially, building burrows into sandy cliffs or hillsides. 
Coraciidae - Rollers+ Worldwide Family contains the following sub-families

Further information on Rollers can be found below....

A Selection of Rollers
European Roller
Indian Roller

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