Dalmatian pelican

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The Dalmatian Pelican – Pelecanus crispus is possibly the largest flying water-bird and is in the Family Pelecanidae and the Order Pelecaniformes. It has a distributed summer breeding range extending from Greece around the Black and Caspian Seas to its main range in Central Asia to W Mongolia. From where they winter in coastal China and India, the from the Caspian Region westwards they tend to migrate to the E Mediterranean and the northern coastal areas of the Arabian Gulf and the Arabian Sea from S Iraq to Gujarat. Within the AWB Region there are a few isolated areas where there are small Resident populations namely in W Turkey, Azerbaijan, SW and E Iran. There are also a few further small wintering areas in S Turkey, Central Levant and NE Egypt.

Type - Water-bird
Breeding Habitat - estuaries, deltas, rivers, lakes, upland wetlands, 
Wintering Habitat - European ice free lakes, inshore seas, sheltered coasts

Order:   Pelecaniformes
Family:  Pelecanidae
Genus:  Pelecanus

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