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The Dovekie – Alle alle or Little Auk is a small High Arctic Auk of Type – seabird, Family Alcidae and Order Charadriiformes. It is a summer breeder to the islands of the High Arctic and in winter migrates S to winter in the open waters of the NE Atlantic down to the North Sea. The AWB Region is far to the south of this area but it has been recorded as Accidental in Morocco.

Type - seabird - colonial breeder, nests in crevices or protected by overhanging rocks, 
Summer Habitat - coastal cliffs of High Arctic islands, 
Winter Habitat - open ocean waters of  NE Atlantic, 

Order:	Charadriiformes
Family:	Alcidae
Genus:	Alle

Species - Alle alle
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Dovekie - Species -
Dovekie - Species -
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