Dupont’s lark

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Dupont’s lark – Chersophilus duponti – is a small resident Afro/European passerine of Type – Alaudine, Family Alaudidae and Order Passeriformes. It is resident in the N of all the N African states and into Iberia. In the AWB Region it is patchilly resident in Northern areas of the Maghreb states, Libya and Egypt. It is the only member of the Chersophilus genus.

Type - Alaudine - 
Typical Habitat - areas of Mediterranean forest and shrub,

Order:	Passeriformes
Family:	Alaudidae
Genus:	Chersophilus

Species -	Chersophilus duponti
Dupont's lark - Species -
Dupont's lark - Species sheet -
Dupont's lark - Species -
Dupont's lark - Database - avibase
Dupont's lark - Sounds & Maps -

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