Eleonora’s falcon

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The Eleonora’s falcon – Falco eleonorae is an elegant medium sized falcon of Type – diurnal raptor, Family Falconidae and Order Falconiformes. It is a strongly migrant species which is a summer breeder to islands in the Mediterranean. Traditionally, the migration route via the Med/the Red Sea/E Africa to winter in Madagascar has been assumed, but recent tracking research confirms that some birds take a western and central crossing of the sea and the Sahara. In the AWB Region it is a summer breeder to Cyprus, and coastal areas of the Maghreb states.

Type - diurnal-raptor - colonial nester, in breeding season can extend the hunting day into crepuscular activities, 
Summer Habitat - small offshore Mediterranean islets and islands with cliffs, isolated mainland cliffs,
                               nesting is delay timed to catch their main prey, small migrating passerines,
Winter Habitat - Madagascar, 

Order:	Falconiformes
Family:	Falconidae
Genus:	Falco

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