European bee-eater

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The European bee-eater – Merops apiaster is strongly migratory species of Type – sallyer of the Family Meropidae and the Order Coraciiformes. It is a summer breeder from NW Africa, SW Europe. and the Middle East to Central Asia, that winters in Tropical Africa. In the AWB Region it is a summer breeder to the Maghreb states, NW Libya, Turkey, S Caucasus, Iran, Cyprus, N UAE, N Oman, and the Levant. It is found on passage in most AWB Countries except Chad & Comoros.

Type - Sallyer - colonial nester, tunnels burrows into vertical sandy banks,
Breeding Habitat - very cosmopolitan, but requires suitable sandy banks in which to dig their burrows
Hunting Habitat - suitable elevated perches for hunting prey by sallying forth...

Order:   Coraciiformes
Family:  Meropidae
Genus:  Merops

Species - Merops apiaster
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European bee-eater - Species -
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