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The European Roller – Coracias garrulus is of Type – sallyer and a typical species of the Roller Family Coraciidae and Order Coraciiformes. It is a summer breeder from NW Africa and Spain across warmer Europe to W and Central Asia in Kazakhstan, in winter it migrates to s s Africa. In the AWB Region it is a summer breeder to the coastal Maghreb states, Cyprus, the Levant, N Syria, N Iraq, N UAE and Turkey, S Caucasus and Iran. The wintering area lies in s s Africa starting from the S Sahel states in the W but on the Red Sea coast the wintering area starts in the SE Corner of Egypt and expands to Khartoum where it joins the Sahel corridor.

Type - sallyer - nests in tree hollows, 
Summer Habitat - lowland warm dry open country with scattered trees, wooded hills with open areas, orchards,
                              agricultural land with scattered trees, 
Winter Habitat - semi-open and open areas with scattered trees and woodlands, Wetlands with trees, 

Order:   Coraciiformes
Family:  Coraciidae
Genus:  Coracias

Species - Coracias garrulus
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