European shag

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The European shag – Gulosus aristotelis is a medium/large cormorant species of Type – seabird, Family Phalacrocoracidae and Order Suliformes. It is a coastal European marine species seldom found far inland from the Atlantic or Mediterranean coastlines. In the AWB Region it is found as a summer breeder on N and S coasts of Turkey, the islands of the Aegean, Cyprus. NE Libya, areas of the Maghreb coasts and the S Atlantic coast of Morocco. In the winter it disperses more widely along the coastlines where it breeds, as noted above.

Type - seabird - 
Summer Habitat - 
Winter Habitat - 

Order:	Suliformes
Family:	Phalacrocoracidae
Genus:	Gulosus

Species -	Gulosus aristotelis
European shag - Species -
European shag - Species sheet -
European shag - Species -
European shag - Card -
European shag - Sounds & Maps -

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