Ferruginous duck

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Ferruginous duck – Aythya nyroca – is a medium sized Eurasian/African diving-duck, of Type – waterbird, Family Anatidae and Order Anseriformes. It is found in more mid latitudes in Eurasia as a summer breeder and it becomes resident in W Europe. It winters across southern Asia and into N Africa. In the AWB Region it winters widely over SW Asia, the Levant and Arabia except for Cyprus. In Africa it winters in the Maghreb states, the Nile Valley and the Sahel Belt. Dispersed in this wide area are many isolated small areas where it is either resident or a summer breeder.

Type - waterbird - 
Typical Habitat - shallow freshwater wetlands with well vegetated margins,

Order:	Anseriformes
Family:	Anatidae
Genus:	Aythya

Species -	Aythya nyroca
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