Gray-hooded gull

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The Gray-hooded gull – Chroicocephalus cirrocephalus or Grey-headed gull is a small gull of Type – seabird, Family Laridae and Order Charadriiformes. It is found in S America and s s Africa. In the AWB Region it is found as Resident inland on major rivers and wetlands in Sudan, Chad, Niger and Mali, and as a coastal Resident in SW Western Sahara and Mauritania. But outside of the breeding season it is found more generally over s s Africa, including the Sahel states, Somalia and the Comoros.

Type - seabird - noisy colonial breeder, nests floating or on the ground, 
Resident Habitat - reedbeds and marshes of major rivers or wetlands, 
Winter Habitat - more dispersive over s s Africa, both inland and coastal, 

Order:	Charadriiformes
Family:	Laridae
Genus:	Chroicocephalus

Species -	Chroicocephalus cirrocephalus
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Gray-hooded gull - Species -
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