Great bittern

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The Great bittern – Botaurus stellaris  also known as the Eurasian bittern is a large secretive wading-bird, it is the largest of the Bitterns and is of the Family Ardeidae and the Order Pelecaniformes. It has an extensive Old World Breeding Range from the UK to Japan, in in winter it migrates S to Japan, Coastal ChIna, India and Africa. In the AWB Region it is a Summer Breeder in Turkey, the S Caucasus, Iran and SE Iraq. It is Resident in NE Iran and a few isolated habitats in Turkey. Some isolated wintering areas are found in SW Mauritania, the Maghreb States, Turkey and S Iraq, while the main wintering area lies along the river Nile from the delta to S Sudan, from where it extends westwards to Ghana in a band S of the Sahel states.

Type - wading-bird - usually solitary
Summer Habitat - primarily large reed beds for breeding but also swamps, lakes, slow rivers, lagoons with plenty      
                              of Rank Vegetation cover      
Wintering Habitat - also smaller ponds with suitable habitat.

Order:   Pelecaniformes
Family:  Ardeidae
Genus:  Botaurus

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