Green Bee-eater

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The Green Bee-eater – Merops orientalis, also known as the Little Green Bee-eater is a small Bee-eater of Type – sallyer of the Family Meropidae and the Order Coraciiformes. It is a resident species from the Sahel states of N Africa through the Middle East, and India to mainland SE Asia. In the AWB Region it is found across the South of the Sahel states, plus extreme S of Algeria, the Nile Valley of Egypt, S Levant, KSA, UAE, Oman, Yemen and the South coastal strip of Iran.

Type - sallyer - sandy hill/cliff faces to excavate nesting burrow,
Resident Habitat - Sahel grasslands and open woodland, semi-deserts with trees, open country with bushes, 

Order..: Coraciiformes
Family.: Meropidae
Genus..: Merops

Species - Merops orientalis
Green Bee-eater - Species -
Green Bee-eater - Data Sheet -
Green Bee-eater - Species Sheet - avibase
Green Bee-eater - Species Card -
Green Bee-eater - Range and Calls -

Additional Material...
Green Bee-eater - Images -
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