Humblot’s heron

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The Humblot’s heron – Ardea humbloti also called the Madagascar heron is a medium/large sized heron of Type – wading-bird, Family Ardeidae and the Order Pelecaniformes. It is an endangered, resident, endemic native to Madagascar and the nearby Comoros Islands. It is seldom found far away from coastal areas, typically foraging on the inter-tidal flats, but is sometimes found on lakes and rivers.

Type - wading-bird - nests in trees, 
Habitat - Coastal flats, lakes, rivers,

Order:   Pelecaniformes
Family:  Ardeidae
Genus:  Ardea

Species - Ardea humbloti 
Humblot's heron - Card -
Humblot's heron - Species -
Humblot's heron - Herons -
Humblot's heron - Herons -
Humblot's heron - Sounds & Maps -

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