Indian Roller

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The Indian Roller – Coracias benghalensis is a typical species of the Roller Family Coraciidae and Order Coraciiformes. It is of Type – sallyer. It is resident from Central Iraq, across India to mainland SE Asia. In the AWB Region it is resident in the coastal areas of S Iran, N UAE and N and NE Oman. In Central Iraq there is a small wintering population that extends the resident range further westwards.

Type - sallyer - Typically solitary and seen perched prominently by roadsides on trees, columns and wires
                         Nests in tree or wall cavities
Resident Habitat - open grassland and scrub with nearby trees, wetland margins, open woodlands, 
                               date plantations, parks, gardens, 

Order:   Coraciiformes
Family:  Coraciidae
Genus:  Coracias

Species - Coracias benghalensis
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