Jouanin’s petrel

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The Jouanin’s petrel – Bulweria fallax  is a medium sized seabird of the Petrel and Shearwater family Procellariidae. It is a resident of the NW Indian Ocean. In the AWB Region it is found offshore of Somalia west to Djibouti, the southern coast of Yemen E to the S coast of Oman up to Ras Al Had and is found Accidentally offshore of the Eastern coast of the UAE in the northern end of the Gulf of Oman. It has been recorded as breeding in Socotra, after breeding it spends its time at sea as noted above.

Order:   Procellariiformes
Family:  Procellariidae
Genus:  Bulweria

Species - Bulweria fallax
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Jouanin's petrel - Species -
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