Laniidae – Shrikes+

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Laniidae – Shrikes+ is a Family of mid-sized carnivorous passerine birds of Type – sallyer (defined below) and Order Passeriformes, which is quite well represented in the AWB Region. They catch small birds and other small animals, and often keep a larder of uneaten prey impaled on long thorns in suitable trees. They have an upright stance and a hooked beak like a raptor and have a mainly African and Eurasian distribution. They generally prefer open habitats such as semi desert Sahel, Steppe and Savanna country.

Type - sallyer is defined below...
Species typed as ‘Sallyer‘ means typically that they sally forth… from a well chosen elevated perch to catch their prey, normally insects, bees or wasps etc, caught on the wing, small creatures on the ground, or even small fishes in the water, and then return back to their perch to wait for the next one to pass bye. 

More information about Shrikes below...
Shrike Larder

Laniidae - Shrikes+ contains the following categories...

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