Leach’s storm-petrel

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The Leach’s storm-petrelHydrobates leucorhous  is a small marine species of Type – seabird of the Family Hydrobatidae ( the Northern storm-petrels ) and of the Order Procellariiformes (Tubenoses). It is a colonial breeder on the more remote and inaccessible islands of the northern Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. During the breeding season it is nocturnal and very secretive, hiding its nest in deep crevices or shallow burrows. Outside of the breeding season it is widely distributed across predominately the northern oceans but in the Atlantic it extends south below the equator to S Brazil and S Africa. In the AWB Region it is found offshore of the NW Coast of Africa but is only accidental in the NW Indian Ocean.

Type - seabird - colonial, nocturnal, breeder close to the sea, nest hidden in rock crevices or burrows, 
Summer Habitat - isolated islands of N Atlantic and N Pacific Oceans, 
Winter Habitat - oceans, pelagic. 

Order:   Procellariiformes
Family:  Hydrobatidae
Genus:  Hydrobates

Species - Hydrobates leucorhous 
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