Lesser kestrel

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The Lesser kestrel – Falco naumanni is a small migratory falcon of Type diurnal-raptor, Family Falconidae and Order Falconiformes. It is a migratory summer breeder across temperate Eurasia, and winters in SE Asia, India and s s Africa. In the AWB Region it is a summer breeder to Turkey, S Caucasus, Iran, Iraq, the Levant and the coastal Maghreb states. There are distributed areas across the coastal Maghreb states and NW Libya, where there are small resident populations. The main wintering area is in s s Africa, but the extreme SW Corner of Yemen is also a wintering area.

Type - diurnal-raptor - colonial nester on trees, cliffs, buildings, 
Summer Habitat - open farmland, grassland with scattered trees, hedgerows, bushes, urban buildings, 
Winter Habitat - roosts communally in large numbers
Resident Habitat - mountain cliffs overlooking open hunting grounds, 

Order:	Falconiformes
Family:	Falconidae
Genus:	Falco

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