Long-eared owl

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The Long-eared owl – Asio otus is a medium sized species of Type – nocturnal raptor owl Family Strigidae and the Order Strigiformes. It is widely distributed in the northern hemisphere of both the Old and New Worlds. In the AWB Region it is resident in the South Caucasus and adjacent areas of NE Turkey and NW Iran, there are also resident areas in Central & W Turkey, Cyprus, S Levant, N Egypt, and the Maghreb states. There are a few small wintering areas in NE Iran, Jordan, N Sinai and the Nile Delta & N Nile Valley.

Type - nocturnal raptor - 
Summer Habitat - woodland margins, woods for roosting & nesting,
                              open country for hunting,
Resident Habitat - riparian woodlands, wooded urban areas, moorlands with a few trees, 
Winter Habitat - desert oases, 

Order:   Strigiformes
Family:  Strigidae
Genus:  Asio

Species - Asio otus
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