Migration Hotspots

Regional Migration Hotspots

Strait of Gibraltar

The Strait of Gibraltar
Raptor Movement and La Janda News
Project Noah: Bird Migration
Bird Migration in Southern Spain
Moroccan Birds Blogspot – Migration at the Strait of Gibraltar
Bird Migration and Global Change


Banc d’Arguin

Banc d’Arguin National Park – Mauritania
Mauritania – Banc d’Arguin


Corsica – Sardinia

Birds of Corsica & Sardinia


Strait of Messina – Sicily

European Birding Hotspot: The Strait of Messina
Radar Study in Calabria
Birdlife Malta Volunteers monitor Raptor Migration in Sicily
The Island of Marettimo: Autumn Migration
Sicily – Siracusa and Mt Etna
“Bird Protection Camps in Sicily
The Red Footed Falcon in Sicily



Pallid Harrier shot in Malta……again
Bird Migration – Birdlifemalta
Autumn Migration begins…
Bird Migration takes off across the Maltese Islands
Birdwatching – birdlifemalta.org
Birdwatching starts with 64 species recorded in a week
Autumn Raptor Migration over Malta
BBC – The Fight Against Malta’s Illegal Hunting


Western Black Sea (Via Pontica)

Counts of Soaring Bird Migration over Bourgas


Dardanelles Strait

The Last Unknown Major Migration Route in Europe?
Dardanelles and Western Turkey
Dardanelles Straits and Meric Delta


Bosphorus Strait

Spring Migration of White and Black Storks over the Bosphorus
Raptor Migration Watchsite at Bosphorus



Cyprus – Recent Sightings – birdlifecyprus.org


Eastern Black Sea / Azerbaijan

Batumi Raptor Count – Georgia – Autumn Sightings – batumiraptorcount.org
Birding Azerbaijan


The Levant / Northern Egypt / The Nile Valley

Bird Migration across the Levant
Tzor’a Valley Ringing Station
Eilat Birding Blog


Bab Al Mandeb / Arabian Peninsular

Oman sighting updates – birdsoman.com
Raptor Migration at Bab el Mandeb Straight
Bird Flyways & Stopover Conservation Sites in the Arabian Peninsular
Autumn Migration across the Bab el Mandeb Sraits
Migration Routes of Steppe Eagles between Asia & Africa
Steppe Eagle Satellite Tracking
The Annual Cycle of Trans-Equatorial Eurasian-African Passerine Migrants


Inner Niger Delta – Mali

Inner Niger Delta
Mali introduction


Lake Chad – Chad: Niger

Chad Datazone
Lake Chad