Monarchidae – Monarch-flycatchers+

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Monarchidae – Monarch-flycatchers+ is a Family of small to medium sized insectivorous songbirds with long tails that are resident in woodland and forests across s s Africa, S, and SE Asia. They are of Type-sallyer, (defined below) and are in the Order Passeriformes. There are a number of sub-families worldwide, but the AWB Region is largely outside of their normal range and at the moment only Paradise-flycatchers are represented but others will be added as the AWB Species List, currently in progress, is expanded.

Type - sallyer is defined below...
Species typed as ‘Sallyer‘ means typically that they sally forth… from a well chosen elevated perch to catch their prey, normally insects, bees or wasps etc, caught on the wing, small creatures on the ground, or even small fishes in the water, and then return back to their perch to wait for the next one to pass bye.
Monarchidae - Monarch-flycatchers+ contains the following categories...

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