Northern fulmar

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The Northern Fulmar – Fulmarus glacialis – is an abundant mid-sized sub-Arctic species of Type – seabird, Family Procellariidae and Order Procellariiformes. Typically found in the sub-Arctic Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, but is a summer breeder to High Arctic Islands and coastlines, as well. The closest normal breeding range to the AWB Region is NW France, but it is recorded as Accidental in Morocco.

Type - seabird - colonial, nocturnal breeder, nest is a scrape in the grass, with some softer lining, 
Summer Habitat - islands and coastlines, from Temperate to High Arctic, 
Winter Habitat - pelagic ice free waters, 

Order:	Procellariiformes
Family:	Procellariidae
Genus:	Fulmarus

Species -	Fulmarus glacialis
Northern Fulmar - Species -
Northern Fulmar - Species sheet -
Northern Fulmar - Species -
Northern Fulmar - Species -
Northern Fulmar - Sounds & Maps -

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