Pied avocet

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The Pied avocet – Recurvirostra avosetta is large very elegant species of Type – wadingbird of the family Recurvirostridae and the Order Charadriiformes. It has an extensive Euro-Asiatic Breeding Range and migrates to the Middle East and Africa. In the AWB Region it is a summer Breeder in Central Turkey and the South Caucasus. There are many isolated areas across the region where suitable habitats allow Resident populations, however the main Resident area is across Eastern and Southern Africa. There are wintering grounds in Central and Southern Iraq all the coastal strips on N Africa and also extending across the S Sahel and beyond, also there is a small wintering area in S Somalia.

Type - wadingbird - nests on open ground in small groups
Summer Habitat - brackish shallow lakes with exposed mud flats
Winter Habitat - estuary tidal marsh lands, feeds with characteristic sideways sweeping action of curved bill in shallow 
                            muddy waters

Order:  Charadriiformes
Family: Recurvirostridae
Genus:  Recurvirostra

Species...Recurvirostra avosetta
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