Red-knobbed coot

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The Red-knobbed cootFulica cristata or Crested coot is a larger species of Type – marshfowl, Family Rallidae and Order Gruiformes. It is resident throughout its range across most of Africa south from Eritrea but with an isolated population in N Morocco and S Spain. Elsewhere in the AWB Region it is only Accidental.

Type - marshfowl - makes floating nest close to shore,
Habitat - open fresh water wetlands, lakes, lagoons, reservoirs, mature rivers, 

Order:  Gruiformes
Family: Rallidae
Genus:  Fulica

Species...Fulica cristata
Red-knobbed coot - Species -
Red-knobbed coot - Species sheet -
Red-knobbed coot - Database - avibase
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Red-knobbed coot - Sounds & Maps -

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