Red-throated diver

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The Red-throated diver – Gavia stellata or Red-throated loon is the smallest Diver (a family of medium/large sized water birds) and is a summer breeder in the Arctic Region right across Eurasia and North America. It is of Type – waterbird, Family Gaviidae and Order Gaviiformes. In Eurasia, it winters generally in more temperate coastal waters of Western Europe and Eastern Asia, to the South, which in the AWB Region can extend to the Mediterranean coastline of the Maghreb, but more generally to the western Black Sea and the southern Caspian Sea.

Type - waterbird - nest of vegetation on the edge of a small lake, 
Summer Habitat - Arctic regions, on smaller lakes than typical divers, 
Winter Habitat - coastal waters of NW Europe, N Mediterranean, W Black Sea, and S Caspian Sea,

Order..: Gaviiformes
Family : Gaviidae
Genus..: Gavia
Species: Gavia stellata
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