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Wice … with easy printout option
Algeria – ibc … with extensive multimedia links


*** Endemics / EBA’s / Key Species
Algerian Nuthatch, . The Algerian Nuthatch is the only endemic landbird species in Algeria, and is found in the EBA listed below.
List of EBA’s in Algeria – birdlife
According to birdlife the Balearic Shearwater is also endemic to Algeria but further internet information about this has not so far been located.
Seebohm’s Wheatear This is generally considered a subspecies of the Northern Wheatear found in Morocco and Algeria
Species – ABC


*** Endangered Species
Endangered Algerian Nuthatch
Northern Bald Ibis-Critically Endangered
International Action Plan for the Slender-Billed Curlew
Bearded Vulture


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Birds of Algeria
Algeria Bird Images –
Multimedia Algeria – ibc … The Internet Bird Collection
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Algeria – Fat Birder
Bird Watching Areas in Algeria –
Algerian Hotspots –
World Birds-Algeria –
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*** Migration
Algeria Migration


*** Conservation
Algeria Conservation
Grants Available
Conservation – Northern Bald Ibis


*** Parks / Reserves / IBA’s
Algeria List of IBA’s – birdlife
Algeria IBA’s Detailed Descriptions –
Algeria –
National Parks –


*** Wetlands / Ramsar Sites
Ramsar Sites
Algeria –
Algerian Wetlands –
Oued Righ Depression: Biodiversity of Aquatic Birds – physio-geo


*** Marine Reserves / IBA’s
Algeria, List of Marine IBA’s – birdlife
Isles Habibas


*** Projects
500 Houbaras Released
Gulf News – Houbaras


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Sustainable Hunting


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ANAO – Algerian Ornithological Society


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Moroccan Birds


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Djebel Babor
Algeria March
ABC Algeria


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Birdlife of eastern Algeria
Notes on the Birds of the Province of Constantine in Algeria


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Books & Sounds
Birds of Algeria – French/English