Egypt Country Profile

Birdwatching in Cairo
News - Locals protect Al Fayoum Wildlife Reserve
Egyptian Government signs new Bird Protection Agreement

*** Geography / Info
Geography of Egypt – Wikipedia

*** Climate / Weather / Environment
Egypt Weather and Climate

*** Biogeography / Ecoregions / Habitats
List of Ecoregions in Egypt

*** Bird Lists
A – Links with extensive additional Species Information
Egypt Bird List – avibase
Birds of Egypt –
List of Birds of Egypt – Wikipedia
Egyptian Ornithological Rarities Committee…for the official Egypt Checklist

B – Links with less extensive Species Information
Checklist Egypt – ibc … with extensive Multimedia links

*** Endemics / EBA’s / Key Species
There are no endemic birds or EBA’s in Egypt – birdlife
Egypt’s Birds –
Birds Egypt – ABC

*** Endangered Species
Egypt’s Vultures
Images of Endangered Birds
Egyptian Vultures
Rare Birds Committee

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Bird Images Egypt
Bird Photos –
Bird Photos –
Bird Sounds
Multimedia Egypt – ibc … with extensive Multimedia links

*** Birding
Birding –
Birds seen in Luxor
Birding Egypt – fatbirder
Egypt Hotspots – ABC
Explore Species Data –… Enter your chosen location into the “Explore a Region” link.

*** Migration
Bird Migration Routes – Egypt
Burullus Ringing Station

*** Conservation / Biodiversity
Bird Diversity in South Sinai

*** Reserves / IBA's / Parks
List of Egypt IBA's - birdlife
Egypt IBA's - paper by birdlife 

*** Wetlands / Ramsar Sites
Egypt’s Wetlands
Supporting Egypt’s Wetlands

*** Marine Reserves / IBA’s
List of Egypt Marine IBA’s – birdlife
Ras Mohamed

*** Projects
Migratory Soaring Birds Project
Migratory Soaring Birds Project Partners

*** Issues
Migratory Murder
Egypt’s Deadly Wall
Maltese Hunters
Imperiled Species

*** Societies / Blogs
EORC – The Egyptian Ornithological Rarities Committee. – Egypt is one of the few countries in the AWB Region that has an official Rarities Committee
to manage and keep the Official Country Checklist up to date, check this link for details.
Life in Egypt
Wildlife along the Nile

*** Wildlife
Endangered Wildlife in Egypt

*** Health
Travelers’ Health Egypt

*** Travel / Tours
Birding Tours –
Fayoum Full Day Bird Watching

*** Trip Reports
Dahab Trip Report
Egypt Trip Oct 2002 –

*** Papers
Birds of the Egyptian Western Desert

*** Books
The Birds of Egypt
Birds of the Nile Valley
Finding Birds in Egypt