Western Sahara

Western Sahara Country Profile

*** Geography / Info
Geography of Western Sahara – wikipedia.org
Western Sahara Geography – about.com
Western Sahara (proposed state) – infoplease.com

*** Climate / Environment
Western Sahara – climatemps.com
Weather in Dakhla – tititudorancea.com

*** Biogeography / Ecoregions / Habitats
List of ecoregions Western Sahara – wikipedia.org
Atlantic Coastal Desert – wwf

*** Bird Lists
A – Links with extensive additional Species Information
Western Sahara Checklist – avibase
The Birds of Western Sahara – oiseaux.net
List of Birds of Western Sahara – wikipedia.org

B – Links with less extensive Species Information
Western Sahara Multimedia Checklist – ibc

*** Endemics / Key Species /EBA’S / Endangered Species
No references to any endemic bird species nor EBA’s in Western Sahara have so far been located.

*** Photos / Videos / Sounds
Bird photos WesternSahara – google.ae
Western Sahara bird videos and sounds – ibc.lynxeds.com … with extensive Multimedia links

*** Birding
Western Sahara – fatbirder
Explore Species Data – ebird.org

*** Migration
Desert Songbirds of the Sahara – artemispublishers.com
Magnetic fields signal refuelling stops – newscientist.com
Songbird Record Migration – livescience.com
The Euring Swallow Project – euring.org
Migrant birds in the west African Sahel – geog.cam.ac.uk
Satellite tracking of Black Storks… – argos-system.org

*** Conservation / Biodiversity
Nature in Western Sahara – nature-worldwide.info

*** Reserves / Parks / IBA’s
Limited links to any Western Sahara IBA’s has so far been located…
Dakhla National Park – parks.it
Dakhla area – birdlife.org

*** Wetlands / Ramsar Sites
No references to any Ramsar Sites have so far been located

*** Marine Reserves
No references to any Marine Reserves have so far been located, but there is a potential one on the south coast.

*** Projects
Birds without borders – operationturtledove.org

*** Issues
The Destruction of Biodiversity by Modern Colonialism – arso.org

*** Societies / Blogs
Moroccan Birds – blogspot.com

*** Wildlife
Western Sahara – dreamteam

*** Health
Health Requirements Western Sahara

*** Travel / Trips
Western Sahara – birdfinders.co.uk
Birds, safaris, books… – africaguide.com

*** Trip Reports
Western Sahara january 2010 – punkbirderDo not miss this, Many wonderful photos…

*** Papers
Passerine migrants in Western Sahara – wiley.com

*** Books
Birds of Africa south of the sahara – namibiana.de