Ruppell’s vulture

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Ruppell’s vulture – Gyps rueppelli – is a large resident African bird of prey, of Type – diurnal-raptor, Family Accipitridae and Order Accipitriformes. It is found all across a broad coast to coast Sahel Belt and into E Africa. In the AWB Region it is found as resident in all the Sahel Belt countries plus Eritrea, Djibouti, and Somalia. It is Critically Endangered and needs all the help that we can give.

Type - diurnal-raptor - 
Typical Habitat - Sahel, into mountains,

Order:	Accipitriformes
Family:	Accipitridae
Genus:     Gyps

Species -	Gyps rueppelli
Ruppell's vulture - Species -
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