Scrub warbler

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Scrub warbler – Scotocerca inquieta – or Streaked scrub warbler, is a small resident Afro-Asian warbler of Type – insectivore, Family Scotocercidae and Order Passeriformes. It is found across N Africa, Arabia and SW Asia. In the AWB Region it is Resident in Iran, Iraq, UAE, Oman, Yemen, KSA, Jordan, S Levant, Sinai and NE Egypt, N Libya, N Algeria, Morocco, Western Sahara and into Mauritania.

Type - insectivore - 
Typical Habitat - open desert with sparse scrub, particularly wadis and gorges,

Order:	Passeriformes
Family:	Scotocercidae
Genus:	Scotocerca

Species -	Scotocerca inquieta
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Scrub warbler - Species -
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