Sociable lapwing

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The Sociable lapwingVanellus gregarius is a medium sized species of Type – Wader of the family Charadriidae and Order Charadriiformes. It is an Asiatic summer breeder from central Ukraine to E Kazakhstan, and winters in India, the Middle East and Africa. In the AWB Region it winters in Central and S Iraq, and a small enclave on the S Iran coast. The coastal regions of the N UAE and all the coastal regions of Oman. There are a couple of isolated wintering areas around Mecca and Palestine. The main wintering grounds extend across S Chad, Central and S Sudan and N Eritrea.

Type - wader - 
Summer Habitat - Breeds on open steppes grasslands,
Winter Habitat - grasslands, arable farmlands, in flocks of various sizes,

Order:  Charadriiformes
Family: Charadriidae
Genus:  Vanellus
Note:  This species is Critically Endangered

Species...Vanellus gregarius
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