Sooty falcon

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The Sooty falcon – Falco concolor – is a medium sized falcon of Type diurnal-raptor, Family Falconidae and Order Falconiformes. It is strongly migratory being a summer breeder to offshore islands and cliffs around the coasts of Arabia, with one population nesting well inland in SE Libya. In the AWB Region there are a number of small distributed breeding areas around the coasts of Arabia in Bahrain, Qatar, and the Batinah coast of UAE and Oman. In the Red Sea area there are breeding areas on both coasts and islands from Eritrea to Sinai and S Levant, NE Egypt and separately in SE Libya. The wintering area is Madagascar and the coastal strip of SE Africa opposite it, but does not include Comoros.

Type - diurnal-raptor - nests on offshore islands, coastal cliffs.
Breeding Habitat - isolated islands and coastal cliffs, 
Inland Habitat - desert rocky cliffs.

Order:	Falconiformes
Family:	Falconidae
Genus:	Falco

Species - Falco concolor 
Sooty falcon - Species -
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Sooty falcon - Species -
Sooty falcon - Species -
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