Species Introduction

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This series of posts will eventually include some information on all the species to be found within the AWB Region, starting with the Accipitridae Family. The main Category classification is the scientific Family name such as Accipitridae and the sub-categories are the English Family Names that make up the total Scientific Family, such as Buzzards or Eagles which form part of the Accipitridae Family. Because the Category tree is only two tier, further groupings will be made by Tags, which will be chosen as necessary to manage additional groupings. In order to view a list of posts in your chosen category, click on the Select Category arrow in the Categories widget that is on the RHS of all the posts.

Please note that the scientific Family posts, eg Accipitridae will only include families and species pertinent to the AWB Region. In addition, two more Categories cards have now been added, these are Accidentals and Vagrants and outline how these topics are treated and need to be read to better understand how the standard AWB Species List is arranged. 

As the number of species covered is increasing, some amendments need to be made to the Categories used, particularly with respect to the 'warblers' the complication is caused by the fact that there are five scientific Family names with warblers as sub-families, see these following links for details.  Categories Warblers+ and Acrocephalidae - reed-warblers+

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