Sylviidae – Sylviid-warblers+

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Sylviidae – Sylviid-warblers+ or Sylviid- warblers and allies is a Family of small insectivorous warblers of Type – insectivore and Order Passeriformes. The family includes several species and the current Category list is a shown below.

Sylviidae - Sylviid-warblers+ Family currently contains the following categories...
                                                Warbler Curruca
                                                Warbler Sylvia

Due to the complexities caused by the ambiguous meaning of the term warbler, which at the moment includes 5 separate scientific families, I give below a further clarification of some terms as used on this site, other sites may use different terminology.

Sylviid-warblers     = all warblers of the category - Warbler Sylvia
Sylviid-warblers+  = Sylviid-warblers plus  all other species in the Family Sylviidae = all  Warbler5 = Sylviidae

This is in keeping with the usual way Families are headlined in English, eg for the present Family usually written...

Sylviidae - Sylviid-warblers and allies - and which on this site is written as...

Sylviidae - Sylviid-warblers+

which I think is a very convenient way to indicate a family group in English by adding a + to the usual characteristic sub-family member, and is worthy of widespread use because of its simplicity and clarity, to make clear the reference to both the sub-family and the full scientific family in English rather than Latin. 

The other categories are self explanatory.

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