Tichodromidae – Wallcreepers+

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Tichodromidae – Wallcreepers+ is a Family of small passerines specialized in living in the high mountains of the Palearctic Region. It is of Type – ground-forager/sallyer, and the Order Passeriformes. At the moment the Family only has one member, the Wallcreeper.

Type - sallyer is defined below...
Species typed as ‘Sallyer‘ means typically that they sally forth… from a well chosen elevated perch to catch their prey, normally insects, bees or wasps etc, caught on the wing, small creatures on the ground, or even small fishes in the water, and then return back to their perch to wait for the next one to pass bye. 

Note - The allocation of a Type to a family is an attempt to give a name to help to classify a common characteristic that family members and even other families may possess, however being live and diverse creatures there are variations throughout the different sub-families to be aware of.

Tichodromidae - Wallcreepers+ contains the following categories...


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