Tufted duck

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Tufted duck – Aythya fuligula – is a small migratory/resident Eurasian/African diving-duck, of Type – waterbird, Family Anatidae and Order Anseriformes. It is widely distributed over N Eurasia as a summer breeder, resident in Temperate W Europe and migrates to winter from S Europe to E Asia and also into N Africa. In the AWB Region it winters in Turkey, S Caucasus, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Cyprus and the Levant. It also winters in the Maghreb states, Egypt, Mali, Niger, Chad, Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia. In addition, It is also found on passage in most other Arabian states.

Type - waterbird - 
Typical Habitat - well vegetated marshes and lakes, 

Order:	Anseriformes
Family:	Anatidae
Genus:	Aythya

Species -	Aythya fuligula
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